Tex At Site provides high-quality calibration services for your specialist measuring equipment. Our technicians can work equally well on-site at your facility or in our purpose-built laboratory, whichever is more convenient for you. Our equipment calibration services in Western Australia follow industry-leading practices. We continually incorporate the latest instrumentation and testing equipment to ensure accurate readings.

Dimensional and Temperature Calibration Services

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and dynamic range of calibration services for customers in Australia. Among the scope of our technical calibration services are the following examples:

  • Dimensional calibration – a technical service calibrates an object’s dimensions with a specialist measuring device. The purpose of dimensional calibration is to ensure measurements are accurate within a tolerance specified before the test. Many sectors of industry use dimensional calibration, such as the medical, aerospace, manufacturing and automotive industries.
  • Temperature calibration – The accuracy of a thermometer can vary over time and with prolonged or extended use. Temperature calibration involves testing a thermometer’s accuracy in a stable environment set to a pre-agreed temperature.

Additional Calibration Services We Offer

In addition, we also provide our customers with other calibration services, such as:

  • Electrical calibration – testing electrical devices to international standards to ensure consistency.
  • Pressure calibration – comparing the output of a pressure gauge against another instrument with higher accuracy.
  • Torque calibration – ensures machinery is accurate and adheres to international standards.

Speak to Tex At Site about our range of calibration services, and let’s discuss how we can support your company.

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